My full name is Martha Consuelo Pérez Caraballé; but everyone calls me Martica. I was born on 21 November, 1974 in Florencia, a very small town in the province of Ciego de Avila, in central Cuba. When 8 years old  I began my piano studies in the Art School of the capital of the province. This was the beginning of my professional career. After many years of study and sacrifices, now being 19, I emerged as a budding piano teacher in 1993.

Everything I learned during those years was of great value, not only for my professional caree, but also my personal life.

Although I would have liked to continue my studies at the University of the Arts in Havana, the 1990´s  times were changing rapidly in Cuba.The economic situation in the country changed drastically with the fall of the Berlin Wall and in all of Eastern Europe, so I decided to start working before continuing to study. Hence, I started working as a piano teacher at the same school as my career began.

In the 1990´s I worked as a piano teacher for 5 years. My students were  children from 8 and 14 years old. This was a job that I really enjoyed, in which I learned from my students as much as they learned from me. Beside being a musician, I also enjoyed a skill for other languages, so, whilst working at the Art School, I also took several courses studying the English language.

In 1998, and encouraged by a friend who had given up his medical studies to work in tourism, I ventured to try a new job. I tried my hand  as an entertainer with the entertainment staff of the Hotel Villa Tropico, on the beach of Jibacoa, on the outskirts of Havana

This was the job that opened the doors to my future in Tourism. This was something completely unexpected and without any plan at first. As a cheerleader I had to do many activities: salsa classes, games, Spanish classes, water gymnastics and shows.

This job gave me the opportunity tofurther  improve and practice my English, learn Italian and be a more open and sociable person. I was also presented with the opportunity to travel abroad for the first time in my life when I received an invitation to go to Italy, where I spent 6 unforgettable weeks.

In this same job, I met the person who encouraged me and helped me to become a tour guide like her. So, when I returned from Italy I finished my job as an entertainer and took a course with the San Cristobal travel agency at the Office of the Historian, in Old Havana. That change created my life’s work since 2002.

It has been the most incredible and exciting working career that has given me countless and beautiful experiences, friendships and the opportunity  of visiting and knowing my whole country. I have enjoyed every tour, excursion, trip outside Havana, sharing  my knowledge with people from all over the world, whilst, at the same time, learning new things about them and their lives.

Throughout these 19 years, I have worked for numerous state and foreign travel agencies based in Cuba. I started with San Cristobal de La Habana where I had initially completed the course. Later I worked for Latin America Travel, Cubamar (now merged with Ecotur), Cuba Select Travel, Havana Holdings Essences, Cuba Private Travel, and many tour operators such as GAP, Veloso o Evaneos arranged through these same travel agencies.

Now the time has come to start on my own, so I have embarked on a new stage in my life as a travel agent.

In 2002 I met my present husband Alfredo; we were married in 2006. We have not been blessed with children of our own, but still, we have made a great life together and we share many things like: music, good movies, history books and a passion for food and travelling. We have visited Mexico, Panama and Spain, a great achievement for Cubans, and the list goes on…

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