Talking as a Cuban

Learn with us to talk as a Cuban! Maybe you look  less like a tourist … 😉

*Formal greeting:

Good morning: Buenos días

Good afternoon: Buenas tardes.

Good night: Buenas noches

Hello: Buenas.

* Informal greeting for: how are you? What’s up?

Qué bolá, Asere?

* Friend: Asere.

* To describe someone very attractive:

Eres un mangón !!


* The father, the mother:

El puro, la pura.

* To describe someone very good at something or that surprise in what they do:

Tú sí suenas!

Estás  escapao/ escapà !!

* Negative person, who hurts:

Tú eres Fula, eres una fueraevista! (out of sight).

We also use the word Fula for the dollar:

It’s 100 Fulas = It’s 100 dollars.

*To work:

To struggle. I am fighting. I’m in the fight.

Luchar. Estoy luchando. Estoy en la lucha.

* Answers and phrases that all Cubans know:

-A What time did they kill Lola?: At 3pm.

– What does Mayabe donkey take?: Beer

– What color was the white horse of Maceo? White!

-When is the party over? When the Melcón drys out.

-Everyone who does not have of Congo has it from Carabali. In reference to the African mix in our genetics and our culture.

*To describe someone who has eaten a lot!

You’re going to explode like Cafunga! 

Vas a explotar como Cafunga!

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