El Yunque hike:

Duration: Half day with guide and taxi service.​

This is the most emblematic elevation of Baracoa which rises up to 560m above sea level. The name is due to its shape reminiscent of an anvil, this important piece of blacksmithing.

The difficulty of this trail is medium, sometimes a bit narrow and slippery if it has rained but not that difficult to climb. The guide has all the patience to go at your own pace and takes you into exuberant vegetation, rivers and even a stop to savor local fruits and coconut water.

The prize when reaching the top is an impressive view of all the green that surrounds the town of Baracoa and flows into the Atlantic Sea. You can learn about the flora, fauna, and the life of the mountain people.
When you return, you will still have time to take a break and relax on a beach near town.

Yumurí River:

Duration: All day with guide and taxi service.

The Yumurí Canyon is one of the great natural beauties of Baracoa and it combines nature, river and beach! A perfect option to spend a day surrounded by spectacular views and feel full peace and tranquility. Located about 30 km away from Baracoa, this place extends for 4 kilometers through in which the river is crossed in the only 300 meters navigable only by boat due to the formation of natural terraces that alter the depth levels.

The tour of this canyon lasts between 3 and 4 hours between the vegetation, the emerald waters and the walls that extend for approximately 200 meters above the water level. The tour does not have many complexities and it is one of those essential experiences of eastern Cuba.

Let’s go to the beach!!

Duration: All day with guide and taxi service.

If you just want to relax on your day off, Baracoa also has beautiful beaches! Just 24km away is Playa Maguana, ideal for basking in the sun and swimming in the turquoise waters of the Atlantic. There are always those who offer a delicious lunch based on local seafood!

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