Deep countryside:

Learn more thoroughly and from first-hand about the life of Cuban ”guajiros” and at the same time, calmly enjoy the beauty of the landscape of the Viñales Valley. Whether on a walk, by bicycle or on horseback, take this opportunity to see more closely the reality of the farmers, their challenges, their family life as well as the traditional methods they use in agriculture and in the tobacco process for their own consumption. Visit plantations of tobacco, beans, coffee, fruits, vegetables, and admire the contrast of the red of its soil with the green of the “mogotes”.

Francisco Donatien Tobacco Factory:

If you still want to visit a tobacco factory, you can also do it from Viñales. It is located in the provincial capital Pinar del Rio, about 27 km away and has a guide service. It is a small factory so we recommend you to go early in the morning to avoid large groups of visitors. You must buy the ticket at a local agency ahead.

Let's go to the beach !!

Viñales has wonderful beaches on its north coast: Cayo Levisa and Cayo Jutias are the closest. We recommend Cayo Levisa for its proximity and better infrastructure, which is reached by road to the boarding point and from there by ferry to the island.

Cayo Jutías is connected by road all the way down to the beach, although its conditions are not the best. Both beaches have a restaurant, bathrooms and aquatic activities.

The Caves:

It is in the Viñales area where the largest cavernous systems in Cuba are found, thanks to the limestone composition of its mountains, known as Mogotes.

   La Cueva del Indio is located only 7km from the center and its name is due to the evidence of aboriginal life found inside when it was discovered in the 1920s. It has been prepared for visitors since 1940, it is very easy to access and has electric light .

The Santo Tomás cave offers a challenge for the more adventurous. It’s located at El Moncada community, about 20km from Viñales. It’s has no electricity therefore the visit include a flashlight, helmet and tour guide service.

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